Eduwis Program

Over the past 30 years, we have been progressively improving Eduwis Program through in-depth research and development. Our team has travelled to the top preschools across the globe including preschools in Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Singapore, and Indonesia, to get inspired and learn from the best. Eduwis program is highly influenced by the EYLF of the Australia method with the hints of Malaysia’s localization so that our children will be able to adapt to the education system when they go on to primary school.

8 Educationists’ Approach

Eduwis program is built on the basis of integrating 8 different educationists’ approaches, including Erik Erikson, Friedrich Froebel, Loris Malaguzzi, Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget, Shinichi Suzuki, Lev Vygotsky, and Confucius. Eduwis program combines the best elements in their theories and approaches to build this program. For example, we adopted Vygotsky’s approach on language development and social interactions between children. While for Montessori who was a pioneer in building young children’s living skill, we use her approach in developing children’s self-independency. Through this, Eduwis is able to provide our children a holistic education that focuses on every aspect of a child’s development.
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Thematic Integrated Learning Activities (1600 learning activities)

Eduwis uses the Thematic Integrated Learning Activities program that crosses over the subject lines with 1600 different learning activities. Thematic integrated learning approach ties all subjects together with an overriding concept. It crosses over subject lines and helps children relate basic academic skills to real world ideas. This approach helps the children to make connections faster and easier during the learning process. Eduwis program pioneered in the thematic integrated learning approach as it has been the first preschool program in Malaysia to use the thematic integrated learning approach. Eduwis has also published books and learning materials that are aligned with the themes.
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Compulsory Piano Learning

Every child in Eduwis Preschool gets to learn piano as part of our program. Every child in Eduwis Preschool learns how to play the piano. The piano lessons are carried out in way where they will have an individual session every school day but just in a short period of time. With that, the children gets to learn and practice daily, while the lessons are kept short in their attention span. Learning piano can benefit your child in all ways of their development. Research has found that piano lesson helps young children in their studies and be well-rounded. They will also be given a chance to perform what they have learnt during our annual activities.
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Annual Activities

Every year, all our children will go through a series of annual activities that will enhance the development of the child in different aspects. There is a series of annual activities that will be carried out by Eduwis Preschool such as storytelling presentation, sports day, field trip. One of the main objectives of having all these activities is to help children to be well-rounded and to bring out every talent that your child has. These activities are non-academic related because we believe that there is more than one metric that judge how your child has improved over time. Get ready to be impressed by the little ones!
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Other Enrichment Programs

Apart from our Eduwis Program, we have integrated a few other enrichment programs such as Cambridge English and Computational Thinking Program.
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